Step Up Website
Step Up, which was launched in 2003, is a support service for families where children have been sexually abused or raped. It was founded by two mums, Anne and Shelley, whose daughters had been sexually abused. Both Anne’s family and Shelley are still actively involved in Step Up today.

The aim of Step Up is to provide a safe place for parents to come following the trauma of discovering that their child or children have been abused. We offer practical and emotional support in a number of ways.

In addition, at Step Up we aim to raise awareness of sexual abuse and challenge the myths and taboos surrounding abuse.

Step Up is a voluntary agency and a registered charity. We are therefore able to link in with the statutory services as well as other voluntary agencies for the benefit of our clients.

All support workers and volunteers in Step Up are people who have all suffered and have extensive knowledge and training in trauma. They have all received extensive training in order that we can offer a high class service to the families who contact us for help.